Recovery <em>For</em> Women

Recovery For Women

Get Healthy. Stay Healthy. Your Journey Begins Now.

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Recovery <em>For</em> Women

Recovery For Women

Get Healthy. Stay Healthy. Your Journey Begins Now.

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We Use an Enhanced<br>Medical Model of Treatment

We Use an Enhanced
Medical Model of Treatment

Get Healthy. Stay Healthy. Your Journey Begins Now.

Learn More About Our Philosophy
Recovery <em>For</em> Women

Recovery For Women

Get Healthy. Stay Healthy. Your Journey Begins Now.

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Our Core Missions & Values

  • Helping you achieve lasting recovery: Our mission is to assist each client in recovery from addictive behaviors and to maintain a healthy life. We employ individuals who are committed to providing results-oriented, high-quality, and evidenced based services. Our team always achieves superior results for our clients and their families. Read more about our mission.
  • Meeting your unique needs: JourneyPure Voyage started with the goal to help women conquer their addictions and acquire the necessary skills to live a restored and sober life. Unlike other addiction treatment facilities and rehabilitation centers in Tennessee, our inventive approach is one that is holistic and incorporates aspects of nutrition, fitness, and mental wellness into each program. To ensure personal recovery, each client receives unique treatment that is personally developed to fit her specific co-occurring disorders.
  • Treating you like family: Our Core value, above all others, is to treat others how you want to be treated. We constructed our business around this principle, and it has served as the cornerstone of our establishment. We treat clients and family members like they are our own. JourneyPure Voyage is not a standard addiction treatment facility it is a — place where visitors can experience personal growth and start new beginnings.

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JourneyPure Voyage: A Rehab for Women

Drug Rehabilitation Center for Women

Addiction is a disease — not a moral or character weakness — that affects all aspects of your life. It changes how your brain works, it makes it impossible to deal with emotions, it sidelines your career and it hurts your relationships with those you love most.
To find true, long-term recovery, you need to address all aspects of your life, not just the addiction itself. Unlike typical drug rehabilitation centers in Tennessee, JourneyPure Voyage takes a comprehensive approach. We specialize in the unique needs a woman faces when suffering from addiction.

A Holistic Tennessee Rehabilitation Center

JourneyPure Voyage is a leading women’s alcohol and drug rehab in Tennessee that provides comprehensive addiction care for every aspect of your health and well-being. Qualified, experienced clinicians partner with one another at our holistic rehabilitation center to treat your physical, psychological, emotional, social and spiritual wellness. Your custom-tailored recovery plan will nourish your body and soul and heal any co-occurring mental health disorders — disorders that frequently occur alongside addiction and often go untreated.

The process begins when you enroll in our detox program. Medically assisted detox assures you’ll transition to our Tennessee rehab safely and more comfortably. Our compassionate detox staff members provide round-the-clock care as we ease common withdrawal symptoms, including cravings and relapse. We will welcome you to your newly sober lifestyle with care, and thoroughly evaluate your complete health needs. After your assessment, you’ll engage in a recovery plan that meets all of your health and wellness needs. Your recovery plan may not look like anyone else’s, simply because we believe each person’s journey to sobriety is unique.

At our women’s rehabilitation center, you get a customized treatment plan, one that addresses your challenges and concerns, while giving you the tools you need to achieve your goals. Your unique treatment plan will include a range of therapies, from tried-and-true talk therapy to experiential therapies shown to provide effective results, such as art therapy and eye movement desensitization and processing (EMDR).

If you’re ready to experience true healing and achieve a better life for you — and your loved ones — our empathetic team is ready to help. With our caring support and expert treatments, you can get the tools, healing and hope you need to start your journey to sustained recovery. Contact our rehab in Tennessee today to get started on a better tomorrow.

What You Can Expect From Our Treatment Center for Women

JourneyPure Voyage specializes in treating addiction in an environment designed specifically for the needs of women.
When you or a family member comes to JourneyPure Voyage, you can expect:

  • Customized treatment: We’ll design a personalized treatment plan just for you. Based on your goals, challenges and interests, your customized treatment plan will include different therapies that address the unresolved hurts that led to your addiction. You’ll also nourish your body, regain your strength and find a purpose for living that doesn’t involve drugs or alcohol. We’ll furnish the fresh start you deserve based on your specific needs.
  • Effective treatments and therapies: JourneyPure Voyage offers evidence-based therapies that are among the most effective forms of treatment in addiction medicine available today. These will include therapies administered in one-on-one and group settings. From cognitive behavioral therapy to eye movement desensitization and processing, you’ll benefit from the most effective addiction treatment known to science.
  • Treatment for depression, anxiety or any other co-occurring mental health disorder: Did you know that most people who abuse alcohol or drugs also have a treatable mental health disorder that may contribute to addiction? The clinicians at JourneyPure Voyage are qualified to diagnose any co-occurring disorder, and, if necessary, treat it through talk and pharmacological therapies.
  • Unconditional support: You’ll be surrounded by a team of dedicated addiction specialists in a supportive environment. At JourneyPure Voyage, you have the freedom to explore what led to your addiction while developing the tools to overcome it.

Get the Fresh Start You Deserve

At JourneyPure Voyage, we treat addiction as well as underlying co-occurring disorders.
JourneyPure Voyage is a Tennessee rehabilitation center for women that provides a safe, welcoming environment in which women can receive effective treatment. Located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, JourneyPure Voyage offers a peaceful and beautiful community in which residents can start anew with the help of our experienced, caring staff. JourneyPure Voyage has designed every detail of the home and surrounding property to put residents at ease as they start the recovery process. We are the leaders for women’s addiction treatment in Tennessee due to our exceptional facility and resources including:

As part of the JourneyPure network of treatment centers, we offer thoughtfully planned, highly personalized recovery programs. Our holistic approach treats the entire person, focused on the goal of developing lasting life skills and true wellness. We work to treat addiction, co-occurring disorders and other mental health challenges.

JourneyPure Voyage counselors and therapists work to treat addiction and the mental health challenges that are often at the heart of an addiction. It is not uncommon for someone to suffer from depression, anxiety or other psychological disorder and use drugs or alcohol to self-medicate instead of seeking professional assistance. By treating any mental illnesses that may be affecting you, your urge to use drugs or alcohol will become much easier to control.

Top Addiction Treatment in Tennessee

For exceptional addiction treatment, Tennessee residents know they can depend on JourneyPure Voyage, the leading rehab for women in Tennessee. If you or a family member is suffering, we can help you overcome your addiction.

Are you searching for an addiction and mental health treatment facility for women in Tennessee? Look no further — contact us today.

Your Life Could Change With One Phone Call

We know it can be hard to take the first step toward freedom from addiction and substance abuse by calling JourneyPure Voyage. We also know that other women who have found the courage to seek our help have transformed their lives by putting their trust in our well-respected drug rehab in Tennessee. Our alcohol and drug treatment center has fostered many positive outcomes for the women who become part of our Tennessee rehabilitation center family.

  • Being able to stop feeling the need to hide anything from your loved ones. Instead, you can build your relationships on honesty, a much better foundation for lasting, loving communication.
  • Spending each day knowing you are in control of your behaviors and decisions. Feeling out of control is a common experience for women who have an addiction to alcohol or drugs. When you get a better understanding of who you are and where you are headed, you can achieve in ways you never thought possible.
  • Having the confidence to look in the mirror and feel no remorse. When you begin to heal and recover from an addiction, your self-esteem begins an upward swing. At our rehabilitation center in Tennessee, we focus on self-development, which includes the physical and spiritual side of recovery.
  • Being able to hold a job and progress in your career. Addiction can create a barrier between you and employment or career advancement. Even if you do not think your job performance is being affected by your addiction, it absolutely will be. Wouldn’t you rather feel poised and prepared than live with a sense of worry?
  • Knowing that your addiction is a part of your history, not your future. Women who come to JourneyPure Voyage are given the skills to move past their addictions to drugs and/or alcohol. At our TN rehabilitation center, we strive to get you to a place where you can start seeing your addiction as something that isn’t inevitable. This allows you to concentrate on building a healthy, self-loving future.
  • Being able to help a struggling family member. If you’ve watched someone you love suffer the effects of addiction, JourneyPure Voyage can help them regain control over their lives and rebuild their relationships, strengthening and uniting your family once again.

Even if you have tried other drug rehab centers before, we urge you to contact JourneyPure Voyage in Tennessee. Our services and amenities are second to none, and aim to treat you holistically, from your physical body to your soul. At JourneyPure Voyage, we understand you are not your addiction. You are a person deserving of great opportunities that can only come through recovery.

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